Jaz… A moment of clarity


A dedication to music and life of the great master of duduk – Jivan Gasparyan Snr.
Դուդուկի մեծ վարպետ Ջիվան Գասպարյանի նվիրում երաժշտությանը և կյանքին.

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The participants:

Jivan Gasparyan Jr. (Armenia/USA) – Duduk, composition
Sasha Shlain  – harmonica, piano, synths, programming, composition, arrangements.
Lukas Gasser  (CH)- Drum set
André Pousaz  (CH) – Bass, Double bass 
Avi Agababa  (Israel) – Ethnic percussion instruments
Shabnam Parvaresh (Iran/Germany)- Clarinet
Bobby Holland (USA) – Mixing
Sir Tony Cousins (UK) – Mastering

After the unexpected death of Jivan Gasparyan Senior, Jivan Jr. and I decided to release an album dedicated to this great musician and passionate promoter of the stunningly beautiful Armenian music and the “culture of Duduk”.

The album consists of a variety of original tunes, as well as traditional Armenian melodies in a new light of contemporary arrangement. The tunes are played on Duduk and accompanied by a wide range of percussion, piano, and electronic instruments. Both of us are big fans of exploration of new stylistic possibilities. 

In this album, we merge our musical cultures and musical experiences in a complementary way without losing the traditional spirit of the melodies, but enhancing the colors and boosting the harmonic and rhythmic possibilities of the originals.