Sasha Shlain

Composer, producer, pianist, keyboardist, music educator


Sasha (Alexander) Shlain is an award-winning composer, producer, pianist and keyboardist, whose varied work covers world music productions, music for the theater, concert, chamber, choral and Jazz music. He is also a versatile and experienced arranger / “orchestrator” in a variety of music genres and has been working in both live and digital settings. Sasha is best known for his musical projects with contemporary dance company “Dysoundbo”, chamber band project “Sashin Orchester” and numerous produced songs and instrumental pieces with different artists around the globe.

With Sasha’s co-founded dance company (in 2007), the “Dysoundbo” dance production with live music, “WAVE-S”, won a first prize in an international “Side-by-side” competition in Dusseldorf and a Swiss prize for best video-dance production of the year.

In April 2019, Sasha was honored as the winner of Beyond Music Project (BM foundation) at the international competition with the song “Egyptian” (first prize) in collaboration with Egyptian artist, Abdullah Alhusseiny; Armenian artist, Jivan Gasparyan; and Swiss bassist, André Pousaz. Another song – “Beyond the Horizon” – composed and arranged in collaboration with Nashville based singer songwriter, Heather Bond, was chosen to be a part of an audio album summarizing the project’s 10 best compositions and released in 2019 under the name, “Same Sky”. The album was produced by multiple Grammy Awards producer, Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Luciana Souza to name a few) and recorded in “La Fabric” studios in South France. Sasha’s co-compositions and co-productions (Last Dance, Dreamer) also won the creativity awards in the 2020 Beyond Music production competition and a place in the 2021 album, “Same Planet”. Both albums are available on Spotify, Apple music, Shazam etc.

Since 2016, Sasha has been a part of “Harmonie59”, a Germany-based platform for composers, musicians, sound designers and audio engineers. This is a network for musical and interdisciplinary productions, compositions and improvisations for original, high quality and highly individual, entirely REALTIME realizations. ( The result of Sasha’s collaboration with participants of live sessions of “H59” is a release of 3 consecutive albums.

Through last 15 years, Sasha gave numerous workshops and participated in educational programs alone and in collaboration with “Ssassa” – a multicultural band led by Swiss world music composer, musician and producer, Christian Fotsch.